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A263(W) Dash Cam

The flagship model of A26X series.
Using SONY Starvis 415 sensor(8MP resolution) and Novatek 96670.
Provide you up to 4K recording quality(one channel) or 4K+1K recording quality(2 channels, with A26R only).
By using My_NB APP(available for iOS and Android), you can access/play video by wireless. (for model name with "W")
It's recommended for those who would like to have the best recording quality choice.

採用SONY Starvis 415星光級感光元件(8百萬畫素),搭配聯詠96670主晶片
專屬的My_NB APP(支援iOS及Android),可無線方式存取或播放影片



  • True 4K recording quality(for both 1/2 channel recording)!!!
  • SONY 415 Starvis sensor(8MP), great day and night vision
  • My_NB APP(available for iOS and Android), access/paly video by wireless(for model name with "W")
  • G-sensor file lock protection, and emergency file lock button
  • Intelligent Parking mode(need to use hardwire kits)
  • GPS module to keep your movement record(use our player)
  • ...

  • SONY Starvis 415 sensor(8MP)
  • Up to 4K resolution
  • Novatek 96670
  • 2.0" screen
  • 140 degree view angle
  • F/1.6 aperture
  • Lens: 7G
  • Wifi(for model name with "W")
  • G sensor/ File protection
  • Intelligent Parking Mode(Motion Detection)
  • Available for 2nd camera(A26R)
  • Video format: H.264
  • MicroSD cards up to 256GB
  • Microphone, Speaker
  • Super capacitor
  • Car charger with USB port
  • 75mm x 40mm x 25mm (without GPS bracket)
  • 75mm x 40mm x 75mm (with GPS bracket)
  • 60 g
File Name
FWA263W,A263W TW版更新FW(解決2K視角縮小問題) 2022.05.09 New!
NEXTBASE A263W _ A26R Use Manual(Vietnam version)
NEXTBASE A26X User Manual(中文版) 2022.08.03 更新
NEXTBASE A26X User Manual(English Version) 2022.08.02 updated
NEXTBASE A263(W) 更新韌體(修正後鏡頭接線鬆脫時,無法錄影現象,中文版) 2022.11.10
NEXTBASE A263(W) FW update(fix can't record when rear camera is not connected well,English Version) 2022.11.10
NEXTBASE A263W TW 版本更新韌體(MP1.07)
NEXTBASE A263W TW 版本更新韌體(MP1.08)FWA263W
NEXTBASE A263W WW 版本更新韌體(MP1.08)FWA263W